Webinar: from a star hackathon hacker to an AI company. What are the trends in software development in 2021?

Steinbeis Consulting Center AI (STAI) invites our partners to participate in the webinar.

About webinar

Modern world is changing rapidly: it takes from 2 to 5 years to make a state-of-the-art technology outdated.‍

At the webinar, Alex Malyshev, Executive Officer at Steinbeis Consulting Center AI (STAI) will reveal modern trends in artificial intelligence & software development and show his best practises.

About Speaker

Aleksandr Malyshev is a co-founder & company leader of Steinbeis Consulting Center AI (STAI). STAI helps to make businesses more competitive and intelligent. It provides AI Solutions and Software development based on Machine Learning, delivering results through business innovations. Steinbeis Consulting Center AI is based in Stuttgart, and it has a massive network of Data Engineers and software developers worldwide who transform different businesses with AI.

For more info join here: https://www.stai.group/consulting/webinar-from-a-star-hackathon-hacker-to-an-ai-company

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