Your business use case, our portfolio of industry-specific AI solutions.

Retail & Ecommerce

Existing consumption patterns allow accumulating customer behavior scenarios, which makes it possible to increase and stimulate sales with a data-driven approach. Our retail solutions leverage your data, enabling demand forecasting, personalized cross-sales & promotion, and SKU-level profitability.

“35% of Amazon sales goes from personalized recommendations”

Recommendations are an example how AI helps companies generate more revenue


Our manufacturing solutions are made to connect different data sources. We make a useful and convenient platform to enable unprecedented efficiency in detecting and resolving maintenance, optimizing production uptime, and bridging operational knowledge gaps across the organization.

Health & Safety

Articifial Intellegence stands to protect your employee's health. Out concept helps manufacturings & office buildings to measure, control and analysis the health & safety level on the production. Machine learning helps to avoid COVID-19 regulations, boost production speed and helps managers to monitor safety zones

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